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When it comes to clever search engine optimisation (SEO), finding a specific area to target can produce some fantastic and rewarding results. A great way to create a strong, focussed and successful local SEO campaign, choosing an area most suited to your business is the perfect way to pinpoint traffic and stay one step ahead of the competition.

If your business relies heavily on local trade then highlighting an area to target, i.e, Manchester or Edinburgh, is the ideal way to create a focussed and powerful local SEO campaign. Instead of trying to compete with nationwide businesses, you are simply competing against competitors in your local area, as you would on a day-to-day basis.

When searching the internet, many users will type in an area specific search term, for example, ‘Vans, Essex’. Highlighting the area your company trades in allows Google to recognise its location and display it as a relevant search result. Try typing ‘Vans Essex’ into Google. The first few result you will see include Trade Price Vans – a fantastic example of how our local SEO techniques have worked for our clients.

Our clever team of local SEO experts can put together an organic SEO strategy designed to see you flourish on the first page of Google. Like Trade Price Vans, we can generate traffic from your chosen keywords and targeted locale and implement it throughout your website, giving it fantastic weight when crawled by search engine spiders.

Advising you on the quality of your written content and suggesting ways to improve it to make it more search engine friendly, our dedicated team work hard to ensure that your local SEO campaign is rewarding both online and offline. Whether you have one area you’d like to target or several, MonkeyFish Marketing can create local SEO campaigns to meet all your requirements.

Designed to boost customer awareness of your business, our local SEO strategies are second to none. An invaluable tool for any business looking to grow online, our local SEO techniques boost website visits and increase revenues. The more traffic your website gains, the more customers are aware of your location and the more likely they are to visit your shop, investing time and money in your services or products.

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