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Monitor ROI with call tracking

To help our customers make the most of their enquiries, we recommend the installation of call tracking. Call tracking enables us to identify how customers land on your site, where they found your phone number and help to prove the ROI that your search engine optimisation package provides. Call tracking is the perfect partner to our search engine optimisation packages, giving both parties valuable insights into the revenue and interest generated from online marketing.

How does call tracking work online?

Call tracking works online by recording the source through which a user lands on your site. A phone number is then generated and displayed in place of a traditional static number. This number is unique to the user and is displayed throughout the site. When the user picks up the phone to make an enquiry, the unique number generated is used to identify the source. The data is then stored and accessible, allowing you to analyse call, visitor and keyword data. Detailed reports allow us to find out which keywords generate phone calls to your business and result in sales – putting a value next to each enquiry sent through your site via our clever SEO techniques. Reporting on paid and natural keywords, including long tail and misspellings, we can quickly recognise successful campaigns and do more to target them in the future. A fantastic way to track ROI, call tracking is ideal for customers who want to see, pound for pound, exactly what revenue is generated through the online marketing services we provide. With the ability to use the software both online and off, it is a valuable tool for any marketing professional who wants to achieve advanced tracking and analytic data for their campaigns.

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