App Design & Development

With more people looking at websites on mobile devices, having an app to work alongside a website is an increasingly popular trend. MonkeyFish develop apps that are tailored to each client’s specific need. Whether it’s for a brochure for users to browse products at an exhibition or online or if it’s part of an ordering system for staff to use, we can design, develop and create apps that work for your business needs.

Effective Ecommerce Apps

Many people shop online and having an app created for your ecommerce site will ultimately help to drive sales and create more revenue for your business. MonkeyFish have the knowledge, expertise and tools to create an ecommerce app that works for your business. Apps are built to be compatible with IOS, Android and Windows for a seamless experience for users.

Business App Development

Not only do we create mobile apps, MonkeyFish also create business apps to organise internal systems, orders, leads and more. This helps keep your business information on hand when you need it. Business apps can also be synchronised with our bespoke CRM system, Evolv, allowing you to keep your customer information in one place, even when you’re on the move. This app has worked well for our client, Crown Pavilions who have used their custom app at exhibitions and trade shows, making it easy to follow leads and gather customer interest.

Web Development Portfolio

See some of the outstanding work we have done with website and app development for some of our clients using our bespoke system Evolv combined with app development. Our work is designed, built and developed in house for a seamless system that works for your business.
Smylies is a leading exporter that is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands compare over 50 suppliers to find the most affordable internet for your business
Natural World Kenya Safaris
We designed a website to reflect the status of a leading safari company in Africa.
Beige Plus
We designed the branding for Beige Plus to take their business online.
We are working closely with the team to help support them in all areas.
Get Car Finance Here
We updated the website to allow people to easily apply for car finance packages.
The Energy Desk
We improved The Energy Desk's user journey to help businesses and customers.
Crown Pavilions
We created a website which reflects Crown's ethos, hard work and stunning pavilions.
Hamper .com
We worked closely with Hamper to create an effective ecommerce website.
Ground Rental
Ground Rental is an experienced property company that required Web Design and Development
Lloyds Autobody
Lloyds Autobody is a leading car body repair specialist based in Manchester and Liverpool
Diverse Trainers
Diverse Trainers is a leading provider of personal trainer courses at gym facilities throughout the UK
The Sale Network
The Sale Network is home to the hottest sales from the biggest brands!
The Print Runner
The Print Runner needed a brand-new website and logo that would be instantly recognisable and eye-catching.
The Life of Riley Group
The Life of Riley Group is a family-run business that offers luxury yacht charter opportunities in the South of France
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