Operating  Systems Built to Work

MonkeyFish has created state of the art operating systems in order to help clients deal with increased customer engagement and logistics. As well as supporting websites on platforms such as Magento and Wordpress, we have also built our own operating system, Evolv. Sometimes you just can’t get what you need from an ‘off the shelf’ solution. Our innovative developers create bespoke systems built on our own eco-system, improving everything from communication through to automation in your business.


Evolv was built entirely by the engineers at MonkeyFish. It is a modular and scalable system that allows our specialised web development team to create bespoke web applications, tailored specifically to your business requirements. Your website can be built through Evolv, with advanced CRM features, allowing you to grow your business in a way that works for you
Online & offline Systems

Online & Offline Systems

Evolv is fully secure and upgradeable, complete with lead management and CMS systems that can be added to create a complete management system for your business both online and offline. The MonkeyFish developers can use Evolv to build anything your business could need, from an automated warehouse management system to an energy procurement solution. As your company grows we can incorporate module after module to ensure that your system is one step ahead.


If your business is looking to improve its performance around the warehouse, then why not book a consultation with one of our team and let us demonstrate how we have revolutionized businesses by improving their warehousing technology and processes. Our team have recently completed a state of the art system for one of the UK's leading food exporters, so be sure to contact us today to see how we can assist you too.
E-Learning Platforms

E-Learning Platforms

The development team at MonkeyFish Marketing can either build or rent out to your company state-of-the-art e-learning platforms. Our dedicated team have been working with some of the UK's leading training companies and blue chip businesses to ensure that their staff and trainees are equipped with best tools to assist them in their learning journey. Call now and explore why companies are choosing our Evolv e-learning platform to take their businesses to the next level.

Recruitment Software

MonkeyFish Development have successfully worked alongside both leading recruitment agency directors and IT specialists to develop one of the most cost-effective recruitment agency tools available. Our innovative technology combines all the key elements of recruitment and also incorporates the successful communication between agencies and their clients. and the management of CV's, job interviews and even placing job adverts more efficiently. Our leading edge recruitment technology can be rented or developed to ensure your company have the tools needed to run a successful recruitment agency.
Recruitment Software
CRM Systems

CRM Systems

Do you believe your business needs a CRM upgrade, or you are interested in renting a SaaS product that is capable of driving your business forward? If so, then why not let our team show you how we have helped thousands of employees improve their daily work tasks by using technology designed to improve time management, performance, logic, and other key metrics associated with daily work flow. If you would like to find out more about our capabilities on CRM systems, please book a consultation and our experienced development team will be on hand to help you.

Bespoke Plug-ins

The specialist web developers at MonkeyFish Marketing can provide you with bespoke website plugin's for CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Magento and our own Evolv system. If you are unable to identify the plugin that can supply you with the functionally that you need to operate your business, then our team can provide you with a bespoke plugin that will match your requirements. To learn more about the unique plugins that we can develop, and to find out how we can help your company's productivity by supplying you with the bespoke web plugin that you need, give us a call today.
Bespoke Plug-ins
SAAS Technologies

SAAS Technologies

With over ten years working with some of the UK's leading businesses, we have identified the need for software as a service (SaaS) products. Whether you're looking to manage your sales team, or require real time data to be delivered around various parts of your business, then Evolv platform is perfect for you. We can demonstrate lead generation data via marketing campaigns, or track and monitor staff and their performance with the click of a button. Let our team demonstrate how our SaaS products can save your business thousands when it comes to marketing KPI's and time management. We have various modules that can be added to the Evolv platform that will be built around your business logic. Call MonkeyFish marketing now for a SaaS demo in the area of your choice.

Development Portfolio

Browse some of the impressive projects that the MonkeyFish Development team have been working on. We use Wordpress, Magento and our very own Evolv to create fast secure websites with advanced features for your business requirements.
Smylies is a leading exporter that is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands
Leasedline.co.uk compare over 50 suppliers to find the most affordable internet for your business
Natural World Kenya Safaris
We designed a website to reflect the status of a leading safari company in Africa.
Beige Plus
We designed the branding for Beige Plus to take their business online.
We are working closely with the PhysioRoom.com team to help support them in all areas.
We created a simple and effective brochure for Ikea to advise and inspire customers.
Egg Homes
We created a brand, website and house style for Egg homes, a new company.
Get Car Finance Here
We updated the website to allow people to easily apply for car finance packages.
Merseyside Police
We created a website to appeal to all generations, especially teenagers.
Lancashire Constabulary
We created a campaign for Crimestoppers to raise awareness of Child Sexual Expoitation.
The Energy Desk
We improved The Energy Desk's user journey to help businesses and customers.
Crown Pavilions
We created a website which reflects Crown's ethos, hard work and stunning pavilions.
Victoria & Albert Museum
Stylish, high end packaging and brochures created for Victoria and Albert Museum.
In-store point of sale, signage and packaging for one of the biggest DIY outlets in the UK.
Feature Floors
We created a quirky brand to match Feature Floors' unique range of tiles.
Hamper .com
We worked closely with Hamper to create an effective ecommerce website.
Ted Baker
We created a unique design for Ted Baker's new tile range.
The Clean Foodie
We produced branding, packaging, and an ecommerce site on a tight budget.
Graham & Brown
Pattern books and marketing material for Disney, Marvel, Kelly Hoppen and more.
House of British Ceramic Tile
We refreshed the branding with a new brand, logo and style that is fresh and stylish.
Lancashire PPC
We have created many campaigns, logos, brands and their current website.
The King's Deli
We have been involved with a lot of the design and marketing of The King's Deli
Ground Rental
Ground Rental is an experienced property company that required Web Design and Development
Lloyds Autobody
Lloyds Autobody is a leading car body repair specialist based in Manchester and Liverpool
Diverse Trainers
Diverse Trainers is a leading provider of personal trainer courses at gym facilities throughout the UK
The Sale Network
The Sale Network is home to the hottest sales from the biggest brands!
The Print Runner
The Print Runner needed a brand-new website and logo that would be instantly recognisable and eye-catching.
Family & Divorce Matters
Family & Divorce Matters provide people in Lancashire with expert professional advice and support for their family
The Life of Riley Group
The Life of Riley Group is a family-run business that offers luxury yacht charter opportunities in the South of France
Sagar Insurance
Sagar Insurances is a leading provider of insurance policies for homes and businesses in the North West
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