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Ethical Search Engine Optimisation is vital for any business wanting to grow online. Modern day optimisation needs experienced webmasters, data analysis and up-to-date techniques to be in line with algorithm changes set out by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. MonkeyFish can provide your business with SEO services that will ensure your business thrives online.

Ethical SEO Services

The MonkeyFish team has years of experience creating effective SEO campaigns and has the skills needed to help your website thrive on search engines. Our experts have been creating and monitoring SEO strategies for the last decade, helping clients from a wide range of sectors to rank well on Google. Get in touch with the MonkeyFish team today to find out more about the SEO services we provide by calling us on 01282 504730.

Content Is King for Search Engine Marketing

MonkeyFish is home to a team of talented copywriters that create timely, relevant and compelling content that supports your SEO strategy. Poor SEO or copy can have negative impacts on how well your website performs. Content must not only grab and inform the reader, it must be optimised for search engines to help your website rank for selected keywords and phrases. Through regular content updates site wide, MonkeyFish ensures your website is always fresh with engaging content to keep users and search engines coming back.

Boost Sales & Click Throughs With Improved Rankings

An effective SEO campaign can help your business stand out from the crowd, helping it to thrive online and ing sales. Our experts create goals and use tracking systems to analyse how the strategies are performing, making edits where necessary. Whether you’re an ecommerce site looking to increase sales or a service provider that wants to grow enquiries, search engine optimisation done ethically can vastly improve your website performance.

Link Strategy

An important factor to good optimisation is link building, our focus and proven results have been around internal and external linking. Modern day CRO combined with monitoring links have been our recipe for success. Understanding user journey via Keyword Anchor Text Links (KWATLs) and the value ascertained by external linking programmes not only pleases Google’s linking algorithms, but also ensures your linking strategy delivers valuable partner traffic that converts. To find out more about our SEO services, call us on 01282 504730.

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Discover the full range of internet marketing services that the MonkeyFish team provide today. From web development to new brand designs, whatever your business needs to be a success online, we can provide you with outstanding bespoke solutions.
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