Why Us for Google

At MonkeyFish Marketing we know that 93% of online transactions start with a search. That’s why we pride ourselves on expert team knowledge of all Google products, as it allows us to provide exceptional online marketing advice and services for our clients. The MonkeyFish Marketing team have years of experience of working with Google and will help your business succeed on Google. Depending on the needs of your business, be it national or local, Google has a variety of solutions that need utilising.

Our experts not only have fantastic knowledge on algorithms that determine search engine positions, but also how to capture traffic from products such as Google Places for local search and Google Shopping for selling your products online. Why not speak to one of our team to see if Google can help your business thrive?

Google Services

Google can be very rewarding if you know what you’re doing. Not every business is fortunate enough to have a marketing team. Our Business Development team specialise in key Google services such as Pay Per Click and Google Shopping. With services such as SEO, we focus on Google Places to enhance your online marketing campaigns. Why not give our experts a call on 01282 504730 and see if we can help your business integrate with Google services?

Analytics and Webmaster

Understanding how users are finding your business and engaging with your website is crucial for website development and perfecting your online marketing campaigns. Tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools can certainly help. Our experts will help set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, or provide Google videos to support your team and ensure you can see what makes your website successful.

YouTube and Reviews

Video and reviews are fast becoming important marketing tools used to enhance user experience and improve online sales. Our team can help implement strategies that use your video content to ensure your message is delivered effectively. MonkeyFish Marketing can optimise your video to appear in the organic results of YouTube and Google and gain visitors.

To help with your sales process, MonkeyFish Marketing recommends implementing reviews. As you will notice on Google, ratings appear alongside the SERPs. This is because Google is forever trying to improve user experience and the quality of search results. Our team are on hand to implement whatever strategy is necessary to help optimise your revenue online, and will take advantage of some of the fantastic marketing tools Google has to offer.

Whats Next?

If you are interested in marketing your business on Google, then let our Google marketing experts help you. MonkeyFish Marketing will establish what Google marketing is right for your business by conducting a free Google health check. This will consist of matching Google Products to your business needs, including national Google marketing to local marketing of your business. MonkeyFish Marketing will also carry out a competitor analysis combined with an industry traffic check, meaning we will identify how people are looking for your products, and the services and channels they use so we can give you an accurate solution to benefit your business. Take advantage of our free Google health check and call us today on 01282 504730 or simply fill in our health check form and a Google expert will call you straight back.


Some of the amazing tools we excel in

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