how we increase leads

At MonkeyFish Marketing, we pride ourselves on customer service and ROI for our clients. Our aim is to support our clients to improve online sales and lead generation by delivering high quality traffic to your website through search engine optimisation, cost per click, content marketing and social media. Below, you will find some of the steps we implement to ensure our clients benefit from our internet marketing services.

Full competitive analysis

Our team of internet marketing experts will work with you to identify how people are looking for your products or services. We will show you data on how your competitors are implementing online marketing techniques. The team at MonkeyFish Marketing combine your business experience with our online marketing expertise to agree the focus and direction you want us to take, to ensure the best chances of online marketing success.

We identify your target market

MonkeyFish Marketing immediately set up a strategy meeting with all new clients, involving all the key members of your team and ours. In this meeting, we conduct live market research to identify your target market, and together document the findings. This data is key to producing your online marketing strategy, and will give us the necessary knowledge surrounding your business, leading on to identifying keywords that will grow your business.

We agree focus keywords

Once we have identified your target market, together we agree keywords that are specific to your industry. Using expert knowledge and techniques, our team will help ascertain which keywords will deliver the correct visitors to your website. As you may know, keywords and phrases are fundamental to success – as long as you’re using the right ones! By using analytical data and other tools, we will ensure that your campaign features all the keywords we need to monitor to ensure your business succeeds.

We implement onsite changes

One of the most important factors to winning business online is sending people to the right part of your website. Often compared to a supermarket, once you get people into the store you want to make sure they head down the right aisles so to speak – and because we already understand the products, keywords and people you want to target, we’ll make sure that happens! By implementing onsite changes such as simple meta title and description (your shop window) changes to increasing or decreasing keyword density, we can make sure that your site visitors will land exactly where they want to be.

We setup goals and tracking

The days where you could simply send a ranking report to a client are long gone. With more people within companies involved with website performance than ever before, it is a must that individual goals are created to deliver bespoke information. MonkeyFish Marketing will ensure everything that matters is measured. What gets measured gets managed! We will help you monitor sales, contacts to the business, and more importantly than ever before, website behaviour. All of which is fundamental to growing your business online and monitoring results. If you would like to know more information on how we can help you track all website activity, simply give our consultants a call on 01282 504730.

We deliver valuable traffic to your website

MonkeyFish Marketing use a variety of internet marketing techniques to deliver outstanding results. Combining various internet marketing tools can rapidly improve sales and conversions through your website. With analytical data becoming the forefront of measuring website performance, MonkeyFish Marketing are confident we can streamline products such as PPC and enhance search engine optimisation by delivering quality traffic to your website. If you would like our experts to conduct a free online marketing health check, please give us a call on 01282 504730 or fill out the form on our contact us page.

Watch your website increase sales!

All MonkeyFish Marketing we support our clients to ensure their staff can effectively monitor our campaigns. We also provide Google Analytics training so your company can clearly see the benefits to all your online and offline marketing activity. Our team is confident you’ll be happy with what you see – and we’re happy to talk you through anything you may have questions about. We strive to achieve excellence in all we do and pride ourselves on maintaining results. MonkeyFish Marketing can help you monitor traffic, inbound calls to your business, brochure downloads and even offline marketing such as magazines and exhibitions. Do not hesitate to call us if you’re interested in improving your online presence and sales!

Some of the amazing tools we excel in

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