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4 innovative trends for content marketing 4 innovative trends for content marketing
12 Jun
Monkeyfish Marketing
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4 innovative trends for content marketing

Marketing is everywhere you look, so it is crucial to get your business noticed in order to stand out from the crowd. The team at MonkeyFish are experts when it comes to online marketing, from data analysis, to strategies and persuasive content, we can help your business to thrive.

Content Marketing for your business

The MonkeyFish marketing specialists are always focussed on helping clients make the most from their websites. We have compiled a list of top tips in order to help your business stay one step ahead of the game at all times.

User Generated Content

Consumers trust other consumers much more than they trust seemingly faceless businesses or websites. By allowing comments, reviews or integrating social media within your website, you are allowing potential customers to see your transparency as a company. Studies show that over 85% of consumers trust shared content of their peers over statements from the brands themselves. User generated content can drastically increase your CRO.

Mobile Access

A significant percentage of internet engagement is through the use of smartphones and tablets. This shift in usage has altered the way that marketers create their content. All information must be adapted for multiple platforms as well as being interesting and persuasive. If your company isn’t performing as well as it should, ensure that your content is fully optimised for smartphones, and why not consider an app?

Native Advertising

Native Advertising is all about persuasive language and subtlety. By understanding your key demographic, you can place an article or chunk of content within a publication or website of relevance. Sometimes known as sponsored content, native advertising, is undisruptive and effective. End users can enjoy their content whilst unknowingly engaging with a relevant advert.

Email Automation

Sending out automated emails is nothing new, but the ability to streamline content has become much more valuable. Businesses can manage content and measure performance, ensuring to achieve full ROI. Data analysation allows us to tailor emails to specific end users, and only send it out to them. For example, if a group of end users were looking at jeans on your online clothing store, you could send out a denim themed email to the users that visited that page. This means that they are much more relevant to the recipient, making them much more likely to engage with the content and improve CRO. You can view our full range of email marketing services online.

Contact MonkeyFish

If you are interested in our detailed and forward thinking online marketing solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us directly on 01282 792809 or contact us online.


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4 innovative trends for content marketing
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