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Make your marketing relevant Make your marketing relevant
05 Jun
Monkeyfish Marketing
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Make your marketing relevant

In order for your marketing to make an impression, it is crucial ensure that it is relevant to the consumer or recipient.

According to recent study carried out by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, 50% of people who receive marketing materials online or by phone say that it is of no relevance to them whatsoever.

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In the digital age, consumers are bombarded with marketing material, most of which they ignore or dismiss instantly. 61% said that they have received emails for an interest or hobby that they have no involvement in, and 35% of people said they get offers for an area of the country that they do not live in or even visit.

The conclusion drawn by 55% of survey respondents was that most of the companies sending them irrelevant material had gained their personal information without their permission.

Consumers have become more and more wary when sharing their personal details with brands or companies, in the fear that they will be passed on to countless businesses in future months or years.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has launched Data Right. This new campaign aims to urge businesses to be more responsible with their marketing material and data management.

Tailored marketing services from MonkeyFish

The experts at MonkeyFish create detailed and successful marketing campaigns for businesses across a huge range of sectors. We take the time to analyse the target audience and filter the recipients accordingly. Addressing the correct consumers means that they are more likely to engage with your content and in turn, improve your conversion rate optimisation.

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