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Combine cost per click, also known as Google PPC, with a creative SEO campaign to ensure maximum opportunity to win cost effective leads and sales. Talk to a PPC expert from MonkeyFish to help you kickstart your paid search campaign today.


The team of paid search specialists at MonkeyFish ensure that you make the most out of your advertising budget and enhance your business through PPC links on Google. We help you choose the best keywords to increase visitors to your site and create relevant sponsored links to capture traffic. At MonkeyFish, our experts can ensure that your landing page has a high-quality score so that Google recognises the relevancy of your business to the end user’s search.


Currently over 20% of the population use Bing or Yahoo as their chosen search engine rather than Google. It is crucial to take full advantage of these search engines, because they are less competitive, therefore cheaper, but still very popular. Bing allows you to target your ads to more specific demographics, geographical areas and devices. Through extensive research and analysation, the paid ad specialists at MonkeyFish can help you discover how to make the most from your Bing PPC costs and improve your end goal statistics.


At MonkeyFish, we are experts at remarketing and we are dedicated to helping your business create the best ROI possible. Return customers are more likely to complete an end goal, whether this is buying a product or filling in a form, therefore remarketing can dramatically increase your conversion rates. The specialist data analysts at MonkeyFish can ensure that remarketed ads are carefully specified at each user depending on their activity on your website. Through remarketing adverts, MonkeyFish can boost CRO and help your business to thrive.

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Discover the full range of internet marketing services that the MonkeyFish team provide today. From web development to new brand designs, whatever your business needs to be a success online, we can provide you with outstanding bespoke solutions.
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