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Looking for 2014 Paediatric First Aid Courses in Lancashire?


nAs we prepare for Christmas and the seeing in of the New Year there is just enough time for us to point out that now is the perfect time for you to consider one of our esteemed clients, ABC Northwest. The New Year is the perfect time to think about getting your staff trained and a designated first aider in place. This is especially so and in many cases a requirement by law where the care of children is concerned. ABC Northwest provide comprehensive paediatric first aid courses in Lancashire that are cost effective and HSE approved.n

ABC Northwest – For All Your Company Training Requirements

nWhen you are responsible for children in your care, it is important that you are prepared for any eventuality. Children get up to all sorts of mischief and unfortunately, some of that mischief results in injury. From minor scrapes to emergencies requiring life saving action, first aid skills can make a big difference when applied without delay. ABC Northwest are not only renowned for teaching the skills necessary to first aid but for instilling confidence in those assigned to be first aiders. Confidence is an important factor, giving attendees the confidence means they are more likely to be proactive and apply proper and necessary first aid with as little delay as possible.nnIn addition, ABC Northwest provide a range of alternative courses and services. One such service they provide is occupational health services in Lancashire. Included in the Occupational Health services ABC Northwest provide is absence management, pre-employment medical checks, alternative therapies and much more. You can browse the full range of Occupational Health related services they provide on their website.n

Contact ABC Northwest for Paediatric First Aid Courses in Lancashire

nIf you are interested in any of ABC Northwest’s courses for the New Year you can check availability on their website. You can also contact the team on 0845 634 4168.nnThe team at MonkeyFish Marketing work closely with ABC Northwest and provide them with expert internet marketing techniques. Check back regularly for up to date MonkeyFish Marketing client news.

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Looking for 2014 Paediatric First Aid Courses in Lancashire?