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5 Unusual Christmas Facts from Our Online Marketing Team!


Now we normally like to keep our posts somewhat marketing related but when we found these facts online we couldn’t help but share them with you! Our online marketing team were giggling away at some of these and we’re sure you will be too!



A Very Merry Christmas


1. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


Think £60 for a Christmas tree is verging on the extreme? Yves Piaget spent a ridiculous $16 million decorating his! It was lavishly adorned with 83 pieces of jewellery! Piaget, who erected the tree on 7th December 2002 at the Misui Club, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan decorated the tree with baubles containing his company’s watches which were studded with 44.13 carat diamonds!


2. Santa Baby!


Researchers calculated that for Father Christmas to deliver ALL his presents on Christmas Eve – he would have to travel at 650 miles and deliver 822 homes per second! WOW! With a lot of ground to cover in such a short space of time – we’ll be leaving out extra mince pies for the jolly fella! He’ll need them! Not begun the annual festive present hunt for your loved ones? Discover an exciting arrays of presents at MFM’s client store The Great Gift Hamper Company, find the perfect christmas hamper online.


3. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree


Christmas tree soup anyone? Yes, you’d better believe it! Eating parts of your Christmas tree and its needles can be good for you – providing a great source of Vitamin C! Dry the needles out before grinding and use them as garnish for soup. We’ll pass on that one!


4. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


If you’ve ever watched Christmas classic A Wonderful Life you might be surprised to know that this festive film favourite had an FBI file! It may sound crazy but it’s true! In 1947 – members of the public reported it as they thought is was a communist ploy to undermine bankers. What?!


5. Run Rudolph Run!


Now we’re all guilty of over-indulging a little at Christmas but something that might make you feel better is that we don’t actually put on quite as much as we think we do! A US study found that participants who thought they’d put on at least 5lbs had actually only gained an average of 0.8lb over the festive period! While it’s reassuring, there’s no excuse for a little exercise! Want more? Make sure you check back on Monday as our online marketing team will be sharing 5 more unusual festive facts with you! Ho, ho, ho!

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5 Unusual Christmas Facts from Our Online Marketing Team!