Account managers; morning meeting.

MonkeyfishMarketing take pride in our dedicated account managers, they deal with all of our clients and they are the people who make sure your project is up and running as well as making sure that you get the results you are looking for. Our Account managers are all highly qualified and their skills are recognised by our clients we know that your business and websites are very important to you and we know how to create a highly optimised and successful website/ page as well as how using blogs and social platforms can increase customer feedback, interaction and how this all together can dramatically increase revenue for your business.

The Account managers have morning meetings to ensure that any outstanding issues are always dealt with and they also use this time to help each other, and keep communication ever present to make sure that you the client receive nothing but the best care and support with your project. Our clever Internet marketing company are always looking for ways to keep our knowledge and skills up to date, this is why we at MonkeyfishMarketing are always taking part in new courses and training alongside making sure our Online marketing services are the best they can be.

MonkeyfishMarketing are a client centred business and we love our clients, there success is our success and we take pride and are enthusiastic about your endeavours. Internet marketing is such a large part of businesses today and we know competing for those page one positions can be a challenge if you don’t fully understand how to do it; that is why MonkeyfishMarketing is dedicated to making sure you understand what we do, and the importance of why we do it!

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