Another Great Online Marketing Result!

It’s another great day for the MonkeyFish online marketing team as our client Junair Spraybooths has reached the top spot for a one word keyword – which any online marketer will tell you is no small achievement! Junair Spraybooths have dominated the top of the Google rankings for several years with MonkeyFish Marketing but recently suffered a slight drop. So it was down to our team of online marketing specialists to carefully analyse how to get them back to the top without affecting their other significant rankings or breaking the strict guidelines set by Google. By following a structured SEO strategy, our in-house marketing team and Junair’s own marketing department have got the company back where they belong for several variants of the original keyword – as well as the keyword itself.

Why do rankings fluctuate?

Ranking fluctuations are quite common; pages can shift up or down a couple of places for a range of reasons. This can be due to activities on other pages of your website (and it’s always great to have a double listing!), increased targeting from your competitors or because of changes in search engine algorithms. In any case, you must analyse your existing strategy and tweak that to accommodate the action you want to take – in this case, increase rankings – rather than beginning a new aggressive campaign, which can have the opposite effect!

Talk to the online marketing specialists

Search engines can be fickle at the best of times and careful planning and strategy is essential for a successful online marketing campaign. That’s why many companies choose to hire the help of online marketing specialists like the MonkeyFish Marketing team, to ensure everything is in place to run campaigns smoothly and successfully. Want to know more about how our online marketing services can boost your business? Call us today on 01282 504730 or book a free website health check.

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