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Anti Slip Tape: The Immediate Non Slip Solution


Anti slip tape provides an immediate solution to a slippery surface. Ideal for those on a budget, it is a low cost, high quality solution to flooring that is hazardous because of its slipperiness. Simply cut off the length that you need and stick to a dry surface – it’s that simple! Non slip tape is an easy to use, versatile anti slip solution that can be used on almost any internal surface. Resilient to foot traffic and completely safe to walk on, it is available in a wide range of colours and widths to suit all requirements. For stair edges, bright colours are recommended to make them more obvious to those with poor sight, while the wide range of colours make it easy to blend the anti slip tape into your current flooring.


Non Slip Tape is a Quick Fix for Slippery Floors


anti slip tapePolydeck provide GRIPFAST anti slip tape which is renowned across the country for its strength, durability and quality. The near diamond hard aggregate used within the non slip tape provides an incredibly durable surface that will last for years to come. If you’re looking for the highest quality non slip flooring solutions, look no further than GRIPFAST products from Polydeck. If you’re looking for a quick fix non slip solution, anti slip tape is all you need. For outdoor areas, anti slip strips and decking are the perfect choice; strong enough to withstand the elements and durable enough to last for 30 years.


Reliable Non Slip Flooring from GRIPFAST


To view the entire range of anti slip flooring Polydeck offer head on over to their website. The MonkeyFish Marketing blog brings you all the latest news and updates from our clients so make sure you check back regularly! Why not add us to your RSS feed so you never miss out?

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Anti Slip Tape: The Immediate Non Slip Solution