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Benefits of Biomass Energy and Heating


Biomass energy is fast becoming a popular way to heat your home as more and more people make the change to biomass fuel to heat their homes. A renewable energy source that reduces your carbon footprint and future proofs your home, biomass energy is incredibly cost effective in the fact that the fuel itself is cheaper to buy, energy bills are reduced and the technology pays for itself over the years. What’s more, the government offer several incentives and schemes to encourage people to make the change to biomass energy.


Future Proof Your Home with Biomass Energy


biomass_llewellynThe majority of biomass energy in the UK is in the form of pellets, logs or chips. With such an abundant supply of trees and forest, biomass energy is easy to source and can be great value if you live close to a supplier. The demand for clean and efficient energy is increasing and biomass heating fits the bill perfectly. Whether you want to heat your whole house, one room or a large building, there is a biomass heating solution available for you. Oxford Renewables specialise in the supply of biomass energy solutions and work with some of the biggest manufacturers including SOLARFOCUS and MCZ. As experts in the industry, they are ideally placed to provide comprehensive advice about anything to do with biomass energy. Their installations are compliant with the RHI scheme so there’s no reason to not look into biomass heating solutions from Oxford Renewables. Take a step towards future proofing your home today with biomass energy.


Biomass Heating is Subsidised by the Government


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Benefits of Biomass Energy and Heating