Why a blog is important for your website

Keeping a blog updated on your website can be a daunting task. A blog can be a key component of a successful content strategy for a business, but writing and uploading each article can be time-consuming. When there’s only enough resources for paid media campaigns or an updated blog, many decide to go with the former as results are easier to track. However, a blog is a long-term investment that can be far more successful than short-term solutions in the long run.

Does your business need a blog?

Whatever your industry, a blog can be beneficial. It is a common misconception that businesses from certain sectors do not need one. Just because you aren’t a fashion or food website, doesn’t mean you can’t see the same benefits from a well-maintained blog. Implementing important keywords can boost traffic to your website and increase overall conversions. If you write blogs that address important questions that your target audience have, you are more likely to rank highly on Google searches. Content creation, but particularly blogs, is important for increasing the online presence of your business. Keeping your blog updated ensures that Google regularly crawls and indexes your site, increasing your chances of moving up the rankings. Although it can be intimidating to commit to a blog, you could be seeing positive results even by uploading just one article a month. MonkeyFish Marketing provide search engine optimisation services to a range of businesses. We understand that content is king and that a relevant and engaging blog can be crucial in helping a business to thrive online.

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