links a new way to promote!
Alan Chan the creator of has found a way to refashion the “short” URL and use it to direct customers who click on this link to a promotional page for about 5/6 seconds before taking them to their desired page. This link can tie in with a Facebook page/account, a twitter page, a charity page or even a brand page, all by using a “full page interface”. This means the person who creates the link has a full page, to accommodate a message and a “720x300” pixel billboard image. The pages that the creator’s use are named “toasts” because they can have more than one page connected to them, when the link is clicked on it will choose one of these pages at random so it could be a twitter account, Facebook account or even a promotional brand or charity, for the user to view while waiting for the link to load up. This new system provides click analytics alongside all this but of course the best selling point for a new upcoming notion is that it can give an average site a whole new way to promote, advertise and recommend easily, but will it take off? That is something that will have to wait and see when they go public. Could the British public like or dislike this new idea when they are so used to being directed immediately to their desired page and could the advertisement work or will it be “skipped” each time….. We will wait and see and keep you posted on how they do! Clever Internet Marketing news fomr MonkeyFish Marketing
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