How Can CPC Boost Your SEO and Online Marketing?

All too often people look at SEO and CPC like they are two completely separate entities, never to be merged. While they are, of course, completely different, using SEO and CPC together can greatly enhance not only your SEO but your online marketing success as a whole. Here’s an interesting table to prove the point:  

Type of listing Average CTR Average Ad CTR
CPC 19% 19%
CPC and Organic 26% 20%

(Please note that ALL results used for this survey appeared in both organic and paid listings) Look at that: the mere presence of an organic listing increases the click through rate of a paid advertisement! This is probably because the paid ad first caught the user’s interest, then they scroll down to see an organic listing too. This reinforces the company brand and credibility – and in 20% of cases the user has scrolled back up to click on the ad.

The Presence of Organic Listings Increases Paid Ad Click Throughs

So not only does SEO improve your visibility and rankings in organic search results; it also increases the effectiveness of your CPC campaign. But we all know that click throughs don’t necessarily mean conversions or sales – so how exactly is this beneficial to your online marketing campaign? First of all it exposes your website and company to more people; even if they bounce straight off they might come back another time when they need something you’re offering. Secondly, it gives you more data to play with. You can see how people are interacting with your site, which pages are more successful and so on. The more you know about your audience the better, and using SEO and PPC campaigns together is a great way to get a good insight. Thirdly, using CPC ads give you a much better understanding of how search engines view your site; with CPC you can see: how Google judges your website, which pages have a higher score, which keywords are working for which pages and much more. This data is useful on its own, but when planning an SEO campaign it helps you decide which keywords to go for to make your website rank.

MonkeyFish Use Proven Online Marketing Services to Boost ROI!

At MonkeyFish Marketing we create bespoke online marketing strategies for each individual client, including SEO and CPC campaigns that tie-in together to boost conversions and ROI. If you’d like to know more about how our online marketing services can benefit your business, please give us a call on 01282 504730, or request a free expert website health check from our consultants.      

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