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Choose a Wheel Refurbishment Kit from Junair Spraybooths


If you are looking for wheel refurbishment equipment for your body shop that will succeed in saving your business time and money, MonkeyFish Marketing client, Junair Spraybooths can help. With an alloy wheel refurbishment kit from Junair, wheel refurbishment can be completed to an extremely high standard and enhance the productivity of your body shop.


Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Kit Equipment that is Reliable and Compact


The alloy wheel refurbishment equipment from Junair will help you get your wheels prepped and sprayed quickly without compromising on the quality of the work. Every stage of wheel refurbishment is carried out to the highest standards and because all the equipment is compact, minimal floor space is required within your body shop.

nThe typical process for refurbishing an alloy wheel is:nnIMG_2926Step 1 – Initially wheels must be prepared before painting. The WheelBlast unit from Junair is a completely enclosed unit with a dust capture and ventilation system. The means the preparation of your wheels can be carried out safely and without mess.nnStep 2 – The next stage in the process is the washing of the wheels; this can be carried out by the Junair WheelWasher unit. Again, this is compact and fully enclosed. The system blasts small plastic granules together with hot water under high pressure directly onto the rotating wheel.nnStep 3 – Once the wheel has been washed, Junair’s WheelCabin which is an enclosed filtrated cabin will allow you to easily paint the wheel. This compact painting facility can accommodate up to four wheels at one time and means that painting can be carried out without the need to take up valuable car spray booth time.nnStep 4 – The paint must then be cured which can be completed using Junair’s WheelBake. This convection oven cures the primer and to save you time, the WheelBake allows you to cure two wheels at the same time.n

Alloy wheel refurbishment equipment is only part of Junair’s portfolio, they also supply spraybooths, and associated equipment to the automotive industry. They also manufacture various industrial equipment which includes curing ovens and powder coating equipment for the industrial market.


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MonkeyFish Marketing provide Junair with intelligent internet marketing solutions and ensure that they get the online recognition that they deserve. If you would like to find out more about what MonkeyFish Marketing can do for your business then find out more by visiting our website.

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Choose a Wheel Refurbishment Kit from Junair Spraybooths