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Christmas Gifts for Social Media Addicts Picked Our Internet Marketing Team

Christmas can be a difficult time of year… ‘so many presents to buy so little time’ often springs to mind but what do you get for those quirky individuals that simply can’t get enough of social media? As social media addicts, our internet marketing team are the best to ask so here we go… Paper Tweet1. Paper Tweets We LOVE this idea. Forget your computer – you need paper tweets! Share those pressing thoughts, strong opinions or pretty much anything else you can think of on paper – it’s what we used to do before the internet after all! Pick yours up from Urban Outfitters and remind your loved one that a little pen to paper action never hurt anyone! 2. Facebook Fridge Magnets Fridge magnets are a household classic. Whether they feature inspiring quotes or are simply for sticking the shopping list to the fridge – every household has them but have you got Facebook fridge magnets? Use the ‘Dislike’ magnet for those pesky bills or parking tickets, the ‘Like’ magnet for your favourite takeaways and file party invites under ‘Events’ – arranging your paperwork has never been more fulfilling! Head over to and get buying! 3. Their Own Domain Name If you’ve got a dedicated blogger on your hands why not buy them their own domain name so they can blog professionally? While sites such as blogspot still get picked up by search engines, a personalised domain name gives you more flexibility when it comes to design and optimisation. They can feature social media feeds and are a great way to keep your loved one occupied over the Christmas period. Whether you opt for their name or the name of their blog – it’s a thoughtful ‘out of the box’ gift that would certainly impress any social media enthusiast! There you have it – our internet marketing team’s top 3 gift ideas for social media enthusiasts!


There’s so many brilliant ideas for Christmas presents waiting to be unearthed. Make sure to visit The Great Gift Company to being shopping for Christmas gifts in 2018.

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Christmas Gifts for Social Media Addicts Picked Our Internet Marketing Team