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With our website re-design in full swing and its launch imminent, we decided it was time to give our Facebook page a bit of a makeover too. Offering our customers a sneak peak at what's in store, our new Facebook page showcases our re-brand and ensures that come the big day, our external sites are looking just as pretty as the new and improved Making sure your internet marketing strategy recognises the need for a strong brand image is crucial. Providing your customers with a way to remember you, and creating a sure fire way for you stand out from the competition, it can often make or break the success of a company. Representing your company visually is vital, online and off, and is an area of your internet marketing strategy that requires plenty of attention to detail.

From your logo to your brand colours, making sure your offline marketing and internet marketing campaigns tie together nicely can be a hard task and is often overlooked. It is so important to recognise that when it comes to selling your services or products, the look and feel of your shop, promotional material or internet marketing campaign is crucial. Think of your website or social media page as your shop interior. You want to entice your customers to buy from you, so creating a fresh and clean environment makes sense. You wouldn't set your shop out as a jumble sale - so why present your website or social media pages any differently? Branding works both offline and on, so think about your corporate image and how you can use it to present a clear and eye-catching first impression to potential customers from the word 'go'. Change can be a great thing and internet marketing is an area that is constantly evolving. Keeping up to date with all the latest media platforms and ensuring that your brand image follows suit is the perfect way to make sure your business looks great from any angle!

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