Content Marketing Works, Here’s the Proof

At MonkeyFish Marketing we know how important content is for your overall online marketing strategy and its success, but it’s always helpful to see measurable proof that your campaigns are working. Our online marketing team has been experimenting by publishing content more regularly with our clients, to see how and if it affects website rankings and behaviour. Here are our results:

How does regularly publishing content affect websites?

For the past month that we have been publishing blog content 3x a week as opposed to an average of less than once per week in the month before:

  • Page views increased by 54%
  • Average time on page increased by 20 seconds
  • Page exits dropped almost 10%
  • Transactions increased by over 150%
  • Revenue almost tripled
  • Conversion rate doubled

Such significant increases in key metrics like these (and many others) is fantastic news! However, this data can’t be solely attributed to content marketing alone because online shopping activity naturally increases in the run up to Christmas. So to get a better understanding of how increased published content affects website behaviour, we had a dig around some more data. We found that the Googlebot was crawling double the number of pages per day as compared to the rate at the beginning of the month. However, the newly published blogs were among some of the top landing pages for website, collectively bringing hundreds of new users to the website. Combine all these factors and you have a great portfolio of evidence for the effectiveness of valuable content published regularly on your website. In terms of conversions, traffic generation, brand loyalty and recognition, content really is one of the most valuable aspects of your website so make sure it’s one of your top priorities in your online marketing campaign.

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