Could Google plus become an easier way to become a better employee and more desirable to hiring companies?

Google plus was newly launched on the 28th of June this year and many people have had their thoughts and feelings on whether it will be THE new social media platform, or if it will just be a new way to Google.

As an Internet Marketing company we are constantly looking for new social media platforms and ways to provide ethical ways to work with Google rankings.

Google plus offers you a way to separate your 'friends' meaning you can put your weekend friends in one “circle”, you parents and grandparents (if they happen to be web handy) in another circle and work colleagues in another circle with your boss.

This ability to separate your friends, and what they are able to see on your profile, means that you can have a moan about work, without your boss glowering at you the next morning.

Parents saying goodbye to their beloved teens this September, will not be without contact.

Years ago when teens left for university, their parents were left in the dark with little or no communication, however Google plus allows parents to have face-to-face conversations with their children.

Video chat with your friends in the “hang out” area can become a group session with a few different faces to talk to as you can allow whole “circles” to join in the conversation.

Facebook and Twitter users are more likely to keep their profiles private and so a potential boss can't snoop and see your personality away from work or the interview room.

Google plus limits what “circles” can see; so more people are keeping their profiles open in the safe knowledge that you only allow the people you want, to see your posts or pictures displaying your weekend antics or your soliloquy about how tragic work is due to your picky boss or single, angry work colleague.

Google plus like Google ranks people with a Google profile higher than those without and this makes it easier for potential employers to find you.

By utilizing these positive changes offered with a Google plus account, it could also become a social media sensation; as well as providing a place to create an appealing presentation of you, just in case a nosey employer decides to go snooping.

Also “huddle” is a new way to have a group conversation that can conquer painful minutes between texting a number of friends to decide between the 8 of you what pizza you want and what sweets you want for later.

Huddle allows you have a group conversation without the pain of trying to text a number of people who are in the same conversation; huddle means no more relaying texts and using a ridiculous number of texts within a 40 minute conversation.

So is Google plus the way forward in social media?

No more embarrassing pictures your boss or colleagues can gossip about and allow only allowing your parents limited access to your life... what could be better?

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