Could Pinterest Help Catch Criminals?

Welcome to the social side of crime-fighting... Pinterest

Forget pretty pictures of cupcakes, inspiring quotations and quirky DIY projects, a newspaper in Pennsylvania is using Pinterest, the popular image sharing website, to share mug shots of wanted felons. A forward thinking idea, the move has resulted in a 57% increase in arrests. Based in Pottstown, Pa. The Mercury has posted more than 74 photos to the site of people wanted by the police on a range of charges. From theft to assault, it is reported that police received tip off's almost immediately from fellow Pinterest users. In fact some suspects even spotted their own picture on the site and turned themselves in! The idea, which was the brainchild of a crime reporter at the paper, was to leverage the platform to raise awareness of crime in the area. As well as its Wanted page, The Mercury also shares other images on the site, covering everything from local landmarks to proms. And this isn't the first time social media sites have been used to crack crime. Facebook is now a weapon in the everyday cops arsenal, with 'dumb' criminals posting pictures of their illegal activities online for all to see. From looted goods to a 'caught in the act' picture of a 20 year old man stealing petrol from a police car, there's no safe place to hide! Even gang members have been guilty of over-sharing on Facebook. 10 members of the WTG gang who attempted to disguise their illegal activities by using 'code-words' for guns are now facing six counts of conspiracy to commit murder, weapons possession and sales, assault and drug possession according to the New York Police Department. The NYPD have even created social media units to track down criminals through the internet! Stay on top of all the latest digital marketing and social media news and make sure you add our blog to your RSS feed. To find out more about working with online marketing agency, MonkeyFish Marketing, simply use the buttons below to contact us or request a call back and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements!

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