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We all know that blogging is important – not just for SEO but for developing a following and engaging with consumers too. But keeping your company blog interesting can be tough and with growing emphasis on creating content for humans rather than search engine bots, creating engaging content is becoming more important for SEO. Gone are the days where keyword stuffing and internal links were good enough to get rankings and traffic. Nowadays the focus is all on the end user, and though you shouldn’t neglect your target keywords you definitely shouldn’t centre all of your blog articles purely around them. This is where many companies fall down; by focussing too much on keywords and not enough on the people behind the clicks. So here are some tips to help inject your company blog with life and interest to keep your site visitors coming back for more!

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It’s not all me, me, me. Blogs are a great way to keep your customers up to date with the latest news, events and projects, but when someone clicks on your blog section that shouldn’t be all they see. While all that stuff is still relevant, throwing in some industry news or useful resourceful information that will make people think, ‘I’ll visit this website again.’ An interesting and successful blog is a sure-fire way to increase traffic but more importantly, session length, page views and conversion rates too. Use imagery, videos and infographics. Blog posts that are skimmable or quickly convey the point retain a much higher level of interest and help to keep the content flowing nicely. Not everyone likes to sit and read big chunks of text so using visuals and other media helps to engage with a wider audience and mix things up a bit. Consult your data for topics. If you’re stuck for what to write about, have a dig into your data to see what queries bring up your website – even if they don’t bring any traffic. Tapping into these questions in a blog post (or several) provides relevant content that potential customers are looking for – and by providing it you’re potentially gaining new custom. Find your own style. Find your own writing style, blog template and how often you want to update. Consistency will ensure your readers know what to expect and blogging regularly will of course keep your website fresh and updated.

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Blogging should be hard-wired into your business practices but if you're struggling to keep up or could do with a bit of extra help to stay on top form, the experts at MonkeyFish Marketing can help. Our copywriting team can create engaging content on your behalf or even just do the bits you're not sure about, such as SEO and enhancing your social media presence. For more information, call our online marketing team today on 01282 504730.  

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