Cyber Monday the biggest e-commerce day in history

Cyber Monday takes place on the first Monday after Thanksgiving in the US. Despite its origins in America the shopping event has gone global and the most recent iteration became the biggest e-commerce day in history. $3.4bn (£2.76bn) was spent on American websites this year on Cyber Monday, a record figure, with British shoppers spending £1.1bn on the same day last year. Although figures for this year are not yet known, they are expected to rise, highlighting the importance of Cyber Monday for UK retailers.

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With Christmas fast approaching and the number of online transactions continuing to rise, a successful e-commerce website is vital for businesses. MonkeyFish Marketing have extensive experience working with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Powershop and EKM. Our specialist development team can enhance your online shop which can improve the customer’s journey through your website, making it easier for them to reach the checkout. We can help you make the most of your e-commerce website by attracting relevant traffic through our search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation services.

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The success of Cyber Monday highlights how important it is for businesses to make sure that their online shop is easy to navigate and performing as it should be. MonkeyFish Marketing provide online shop marketing services that ensures your online shop is fast and working hard for you. Take advantage of our free website health check to find out areas of your e-commerce site and online shop that could be improved. MonkeyFish Marketing experts can take you online to discuss areas of your website that could be enhanced.

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