Cyber Monday! Have You Read the Emails Yet?

Happy Cyber Monday!

Over the past couple of days we've been bombarded with emails from retailers offering us their greatest and latest deals in honour of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Originating from across the pond, Black Friday is the Friday (you guessed it!) following Thanksgiving and is traditionally, the start of the Christmas shopping season (hurrah!). Cyber Monday follows Black Friday and was created by companies to encourage online shopping. Making its debut in 2005, it has quickly become one of the busiest online selling days of the year, with sales increasing each year. Showcasing their best offers, Cyber Monday is a hubbub of special deals available in limited time frames, encouraging consumers to part with their well earned cash and splash out on Christmas gifts for loved ones, or for themselves. With some fantastic deals available and competition at its peak, it's no surprise that UK retailers have cottoned onto the marketing craze and have been busy creating Cyber Monday campaigns. From uber-chic designer outlet The Outnet to print connoisseurs, we've been subjected to bargains galore! Luckily our team have resisted the urge to spend too much! Instead they've been busy admiring the clever online marketing genius of some of the UK's leading retailers. From cleverly composed emails with attention-grabbing subject lines to special social media based promo's, it's great to see so many people taking a pro-active approach to internet marketing! Undoubtedly increasing sales and ROI, we think they should re-name it Money-Making Monday next year! In fact, Cyber Monday has been so successful this year that it's even trending on Twitter and just to play a part in the busiest sales day of the year, we'll be hash tagging a link to our latest post! Will you? To find out more about our internet marketing services, use the buttons below to contact us. Happy Cyber Monday!

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