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Here at Wow Design we are fully aware that when a company is looking into getting a particular product designed, that you may have to look into changing a number of things so as to keep everything running in the same direction and keep the company profile the same. As a result of this Wow Design have introduced a number of fantastic design packages for you to choose from, that enable you to cover a number of areas within the business all in one fowl swoop and as we will be doing more than one job on behalf of you, it obviously brings the cost down. No matter what you are specifically looking for, whether it be from a complete corporate re-brand, to web design, business stationery or a new logo design, we have four specially formulated packages that will suffice all of your company needs. This will allow you to take the time out and decide which particular package will be appropriate for your requirements, rather than filtering through an unlimited amount of different designs and ideas. The packages have been modelled on the CMYK colour code, we have the Cyan design package, Magenta design packages, yellow design packages and also the key design packages. All these packages have been designed to ensure that our clients get the best from your business at a very cost effective price solution. To find out the ins and outs of each package and exactly what the design packages consist of, please feel free to have a browse through our extensive website.  
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