Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Include Local Search?

Why going local could be good for your online marketing strategy...

Think that national search engine optimisation (SEO) is the only option for your online marketing campaign? Think again! Local businesses could have a lot to gain from geolocation based mobile strategies and you don’t have to be a big fish to benefit either! Geolocation isn’t a new technique but as high street businesses fight to keep afloat, it is becoming a more viable option, helping to boost physical traffic to retail locations and improving results in local searches. As a whole, mobile search has grown over the past few years – especially with the rise of 3G enabled smartphones and tablets. The location of searchers has always been an important part of mobile search, but as technology improves, the ability to pinpoint the users location has become much more accurate. Brands are currently using Google tools to make sure their whereabouts are properly listed – ensuring their location, contact numbers and sometimes even a picture of their store are filled in on Google Maps. They are also using Facebook to target followers based on their location. Using advanced targeting options, brands can now create adverts to promote events or offers in stores determined by the area the consumer lives in. Combining clever adverts with sign up forms to allow users to register for updates, targeting consumers on the go has never been easier. Geo-search attracts consumers because they are able to generate answers based on their immediate needs rather than as part of an ongoing research process. Using mobile technology to find locations generally means the customer is on their way there, and, it they’re making the effort to physically visit a location, are planning to spend money.For high street retailers, mobile search cannot be overlooked. For those looking to capitalise on consumers on the go, mobile search is a great option. For additional online marketing support, feel free to browse our range of services or contact us to see what we can do for your business.

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