Dynamic Dropdowns in PHP
When developing a simple web application for a client recently I had to include a dropdown list box on an input form to allow the user to choose a specific location. I wanted to make the application as flexible for future development as possible So rather than hardcode the list into HTML I created a table in a MySQL database. This allows the client to add new locations when they require and have the list automatically refresh with those changes. The code is I used is as follows:
<select name="list" id="list">
// Connects to the MySQL database server
// Error Checking: Displays the connection error
if (!$link){
  die("Could not connect: ".mysql_error());
// Selects the database to use
mysql_select_db("dbName", $link);
// Performs the SQL query
$sql="SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY tableID";
// Populates the listbox. Loops until the array is empty.
  // This bit outputs each line of the array.
  echo "<option value=$line[tableID]>$line[Name]</option>";
Just copy and paste the above code into your PHP document and change the variables to suit.
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