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Monkeyfish Marketing knows the importance of using the best online shop platform where online shop optimisation is concerned. It’s the foundations for the online aspect of your business.


The platform for ecommerce which we recommend and use for our SEO clients is ekmPowershop. It’s used by more ecommerce


businesses than any other system and it’s great for National and Local SEO. It also feeds your products into Google Shopping so it’s a traffic friendly platform. EkmPowershop is around £20 per month and has everything required to build an ecommerce website. Some big businesses use it too, like PGA Golf.


Online Shop Business


If you are interested in purchasing an online shop then click HERE!


Online Shop Promotion


If your interested in E-Commerce shops and would like to know how to promote your shop then click HERE!


Online Shop Marketing


How do MonkeyFish create Online shops?


MonkeyFish Marketing do not resell ekmPowershop in any way – we simply direct the client straight through to ekmPowershop to get the system set up and a custom template if you want one. Monkeyfish Marketing then can help you by optimising this platform, giving your SEO the best possible foundations.


MonkeyFish Marketing understands that using the correct elements for an SEO campaign requires key specialists for each aspect of the website SEO setup.


ekmPowershop comes with a range of preset, editable templates, but they also offer amazing custom template designs as an extra service, and these things look the business. They have a web design portfolio full of ekmPowershop website designs with professional bespoke templates, including Lotus Cars.


A good ecommerce website design and effective SEO from MonkeyFish Marketing can make the difference your business needs.


If you’re interested in building an online shop, or need online shop optimisation then contact MonkeyFish Marketing.


MonkeyFish Marketing can help any company needing online shop advice. Our team of experts can help you find the right online shop solution. Some of Our Internet marketing clients already use ekmPowershop, a leading online shop provider.


If you want a simple ecommerce solution or a sophisticated bespoke template design, then ekmPowershop is the right product to use.


Online shops work… Ask our client’s!


MonkeyFish Marketing have online shop case studies from client’s using ekmPowershop as their Internet marketing solution.


Many online shops we have been working with have seen a good response to Google and the search engine spiders.



MonkeyFish Marketing recommend our client’s use ekmPowershop ecommerce software and design services if you need a new online shop or even a upgrade.


Once we have created your online shop MonkeyFish will optimise it for local or National SEO, this ensures you reach your target market and gets you to the top of Google!


Please feel free to contact us to arrange a call with our clever internet marketing team and arrange a call with our ecommerce software clients


Learn more about one of the UK’s leading internet marketing agencies.

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ekmPowershop Online Shop