Electric Cigarettes ... The Future of Smoking!

Do you smoke?

If so you are one of 10 million people in the UK that regularly smoke cigarettes. This extortionate amount of people on average spends £170 a month on cigarettes! MonkeyFish Marketing are by no means saying 'Stop Smoking' we understand that it is not that easy, what we are saying is try another way! Nicolites Electric Cigarettes are amazing! They look and taste like a real cigarette, perfect for smoking indoors or outdoors! The cost of these great disposable electronic cigarettes is a mere £6.95, one packet of Nicolites Electric Cigarettes is equivalent to 25 normal cigarettes, to add to this Nicolites Electric Cigarettes are now rechargeable meaning that once you have purchased the initial Nicolites Electric Cigarette you only then need to purchase the electric cigarette cartridges! Brilliant! Why not try a Nicolites Rechargeable Electric Cigarette today! The MonkeyFish Team
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