Enhance Your Online Marketing Strategy with Clever Videos

Could a video benefit your online marketing strategy?

When it comes to creating an successful online marketing strategy, it is important to make sure that while your site is being optimised, you take a look at the content and make sure it portrays the correct message to the end user. While search engines require a certain structure to be able to crawl your site, you must remember that for a user to contact your business or make a purchase from your website, your content needs to be compelling. Having a good mix of text and imagery can really help to transform a web page, making it interesting to those who are visual and those who prefer to read information. A video is the perfect way to capture the attention, keeping users on site for longer and giving them the ammunition needed to make a buying decision. But how do you go about adding video to your online marketing strategy? Film Reel iStock_000014772935XSmallJump straight in! Don't waste time thinking about whether or not to make a video - commit to it! Once you've made the decision to go ahead, you can start writing scripts and making a production plan. Add value Don't create a video just for the sake of it. Make sure it offers something valuable to your customers. Whether you're showing them how to use your product or giving them the lowdown about your services, remember to keep it informative and to the point. Share, share, share Don't just rely on your website to promote your video, share it wherever you can! On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The more people that see your video, the more of an audience you're building, increasing your brand presence and helping to complement your online marketing strategy. If you'd like support with your online marketing strategy or want a reliable agency to take full control, contact MonkeyFish Marketing today!

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