Enhancing conversions through customer data analysis

The fact that we remain at the forefront of the very latest internet marketing developments is a great source of pride for the MonkeyFish Marketing team, and we are continuing this tradition in a newfound approach to customer data analysis. Third-party data has, up until recently, proved the most popular method of compiling information with regards to customer engagement. But as an ever increasing amount of channels and devices saturate the online marketplace, more and more companies have begun to embrace first-party data; MFM included.

Using First-Party Data to Boost Online Conversions

Considering just how useful a commodity first-party data has emerged as, the ease with which it can be obtained is a significant bonus. Indeed, the data is already owned by the companies or brands, born of direct interactions with consumers, contributing to its highly predictive nature. So in the form of transaction records, website interaction, and e-mail and marketing campaign responses, businesses can gain the most reliable customer information possible. Discovering who bought what, from where, and at what price, can greatly aid your bid to produce effective online marketing campaigns, and emit the most productive and impactful sales messages possible, tailored to the results of your customer data analysis. In doing so, you greatly boost your chances of generating improved online conversions.

Choose MFM to improve your online sales

If you would like any further assistance with improving your online sales, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with MonkeyFish Marketing, and find out how we can produce an internet marketing campaign bespoke to your own requirements. You can request a free expert website health check online, or simply give us a call on 01282 504730 to speak with one of our marketing consultants direct.

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