The EU Referendum - A Social Experience

Voters in the UK headed to the polls yesterday to cast their vote in the EU Referendum. The Remain and Leave campaigns not only fought on the door steps of constituents, but on their Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines as well. Bespoke hashtags, emojis and Snapchat stories all covered the events of the day as they unfolded. The referendum was described as the biggest decision the UK population has ever had to make and the turnout was thought to be crucial in deciding the outcome.

Google put out a message reminding Brits to get out and vote and Facebook provided updates for those that had voted. Along with the hashtags you’d expect to be trending on polling day, #iVoted, #VoteLeave and #VoteRemain, there were a few that highlighted the lighter side of the day, not least #DogsAtPollingStations.

Social Media and Web Design

As the dust begins to settle on the referendum result it’s clear that businesses have been a part of the conversation throughout. Their use of relevant hashtags on their social media feeds has allowed them to be where the action is online, and brought users back to their sites.

The importance of social media and web design for businesses is crucial in converting social media impressions into leads. No matter what happens in the coming months and years following the result, the need for efficient, effective internet marketing strategies hasn’t changed for companies in the UK.

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