Facebook Camera App Released

Have you downloaded the Facebook camera app yet?

  Just two months after announcing their plans to buy Instagram, Facebook have released their very own, almost identical, photo sharing app! The Facebook camera app, available for free download at the App Store, greatly improves the current capabilities offered on smart devices and is sure to be as addictive as the platform itself! The new app works by displaying your friends latest photos in a single feed. With the ability to upload multiple photos to Facebook at once, budding photographers will now be able to simultaneously post their snapshots on the go. Like Instagram, it also allows you to edit your shots, cropping, rotating and applying filters before uploading. While the similarities are rife, it is reported that the app was not actually developed by any of the Instagram team. Facebook product manager Dirk Stoop had previously hinted to The New York Times that the app had been in development for a considerable amount of time. Having released a stand alone messaging app last month, the Facebook brand looks set to continue capitalising on the popularity of its services. With so many great features available on Facebook, creating single apps for each area certainly makes socialising on the go much easier to manage. Making 'mobile' their main priority, Facebook will no doubt have plenty more apps up their sleeve and with so many new features added over the past few months, we can't wait to see what's in store! To keep up to date with the latest internet marketing news, why not subscribe to our RSS feed? Use the orange RSS button at the top of the page to subscribe and never miss out again!

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