Facebook Launch the Next Stage of Their Internet Marketing Strategy

The social media giants strike again with another clever Internet Marketing move

After months of delay, Facebook’s ‘Timeline’ feature is just about ready to hit our beloved Facebook accounts. With several changes to the site over the past few months and constant competition from the likes of Google+ and Twitter, it is only natural that Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is keen to keep his Internet Marketing strategy up to date. Giving users new features to keep them interested in the site and stopping them from straying elsewhere, Facebook still boasts the title of most popular social media site on the planet. With billions of users, including hundreds of big brand names using their business pages,  it seems his clever Internet Marketing moves are really paying off. Here’s what you can expect from the Facebook Timeline… Overview The Facebook Timeline is basically your whole life in one place. Consider it your very own online scrapbook documenting your whole existence from birth to the grand old age of whatever you are now. Combine that with a nice new interface and there you have it - your very own Facebook Timeline. What to do with it? What you do with your Timeline is down to you and depends on how much information you really want to share with your friends, family and colleagues. Some people may consider it a fantastic project - taking the time to fill in and create an online record from birth to share with their loved ones for years to come. Others may want to start as they mean to go on, ignore the option to add details about their 18 or so years of childhood and maintain it as an online diary to make good use of from now on. Regardless of how your use your Timeline, your Timeline is exactly that - yours. Giving users the flexibility to be able to update as little or as much of the Timeline as they like - Facebooks brand new Internet Marketing move is designed to gain the maximum reward of keeping everybody happy. Facebook finally gets creative! Facebook has never been at the cutting edge of creativity. You can't add backgrounds like you can do on Twitter, you can't embed music Myspace-style - you're pretty much stuck with what they give you. It seems the Facebook team have considered this and this latest Internet Marketing move finally shows us their fun side! Their fantastic new feature of  'cover' photo's may just inspire you to do a little creative thinking of your own... So however you decide to use your Facebook Timeline, rest assured that this won't be the last we see of Facebooks clever Internet Marketing strategy. How they continue to feed our obsession with the site in the years to come is anybody's guess!

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