Facebook User Slump

Is Facebook on a downward spiral, are people starting to tire of Facebook and all that it stands for, are people just generally getting sick of living their lives through a social networking site..?? This seems to be the case according to many leading websites, that extensively follow the popularity of facebook and constantly record its user numbers. Facebook has apparently suffered a second successive slump in the amount of users that are accessing the site throughout Britain and more excessively in America. Is this possibly the start of the finish for Facebook or is it just a temporary glitch, is there something in the making that is ultimately going to take over from the success of Facebook, as that ultimately did with My Space and many other social networking sites. Recent reports claim that Facebook users are at approximately 687 million, however in the month of May it was reported that 100,000 users chose to de-activate their accounts, where as in America numbers slumped from 155.2 million to 149.4 million a drop of around six million users. However it is not only the two world giants that are seeing a dramatic down slide in user numbers, in Canada there was a drop of around 1.5 million users and numbers also decreased in Russia and Norway. Now what is actually causing this slump in numbers and are the majority of us even really that concerned..?? Many reports are suggesting that their maybe a dramatic slump due to Facebook not adding anything to the site of any interest for people any more, people also stating that it may have gone as far as it possibly can, where as many feel it may be due to the recent privacy issues that have been publicly debated on many related websites. The most recent issue to cause outcry amongst many users on Facebook was their attempt introduce a facial recognition system with many people feeling that they had just gone that one step too far in regards to their personal privacy. However when Facebook were questioned about the situation and the dramatic decline in users, a spokesman for Facebook was reported as quoting....."We are very pleased with our growth and with the way people are engaged with Facebook.....More than 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day." So what does the future hold for Facebook, only time will tell, but its certainly not receiving the overwhelming popularity vote that it did when it was first launched, that is for sure.

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