Facebook Wedding
Can social media phenomenon Facebook help you plan your wedding? As more and more people join the ever growing social networking platform, we can only ask how many other uses can we find for Facebook. Here is an idea. What if you planned your wedding using Facebook? Impossible? No. You are more likely to talk to those friends on Facebook, then you are to ring a long distance friend on the phone, you probably don't know the address of you buddies but you know everything else about them, even when they last went to brush their teeth, that is if they are a serial updater. With the event organiser, and online event invitations you can invite everyone paper-free, without needing to know their address, or even their telephone number. The calender offers a “countdown” reminding your friends that your wedding is coming up and not to forget. There are so many Facebook shops, that you can't forget anything. You can even hire a wedding planner online, like Sally Baraber from Priceless Weddings. From wedding shoes, to wedding cakes. Dresses, venues, cars, stationery, photography and wedding jewellery. There are so many options, you could plan your wedding almost without leaving the house. So here it is.. Facebook is that diverse and used by so many individuals and businesses, you could actually plan and organise your Facebook Wedding!
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