Find Out How to Sell your Story for Halloween

Find Out How to Sell your Story for Halloween

Are you all set for Halloween? This time of year is all about the dressing up and attending parties decorated with everything ghoulish and gruesome. Supposedly this is the time of year that attracts happenings of a paranormal kind. Whether this is due to overactive imaginations or there really is a supernatural truth to it all is still up for debate. Regardless, stories of this kind always make for thrilling reading and magazines and newspapers love to stimulate the ghost fanciers among us by running these stories. If you have a story of a supernatural theme, Sell my story can show you how to sell your story.

Phoenix Features have the Connections and Knowhowscare story

Our client, Phoenix Features specialise in gathering the details of your story, organising them into a digestible format and then pitching this story to multiple publications and getting you the money that your story deserves.

It’s not imperative that the theme of your story is supernatural; any story will do just as long as it is engaging and/or entertaining for others to read. If you have made the decision to sell a story it is not always as simple as going straight to the publishers. Connections within the industry are invaluable and you must be able to ensure you have organised and are able to successfully and professionally pitch your story.  Our client has the knowhow and when it comes to knowing how to sell your story, they are unmatched.

Share your Experience

So whether your story is of things that go bump in the night or of any life experience, get in touch with Phoenix Features, who know exactly how to sell your story. The team at MonkeyFish Marketing provide unrivalled online marketing solutions to Phoenix Features, helping them to increase traffic to their website and improve their online rankings.

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