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Fire escapes are a new way to make a statement.

MonkeyFishMarketing are a website marketing company who work closely with Carter Fabrications and enjoy the products they create with their modern outlook. Whether it is a single or multi-storey fire escapes, a fire escape is a brilliant way to create a solution for moving up and down storeys inside or outside a building, during a fire alarm and in case of a fire. Carter Fabrications are a modern and stylish company with a flair for design and contemporary fire escape and balcony ideas. Their balconies are a great way to enjoy the weather or even just to decorate your home, they can provide balconies for clubs and other businesses and this is a great way to help your customers experience a truly original experience. They supply an extensive range of fire escapes for indoor and outdoor use, the outdoor fire escapes are all finished so they are strong and will not suffer or deteriorate in the weather. Whether it is a showroom, factory or a house/apartment building, Carter Fabrications has an idea for you. Carter Fabrications have over 25 years’ worth of experience in the creation and installation of electric or automated gates. They will always endeavour to provide the best products for your money with a friendly and unique service, hardwood, wrought iron and palastade gates are just a few options for the material your gates could be made out of. All of their gates  are galvanised and they are also all powdered as standard for you. Fire escapes are not only an important safety feature but they can be a statement and a great solution for privacy if a house is rented as two apartments. If you were to have a fire escape for your “upstairs tenant” to use, it would help to keep their privacy and when designed correctly can look stylish and modern. Alongside these innovative fire escapes, there wide range of railings come in all shapes and sizes and can be made-to-measure, they are highly skilled in metal work and they know what you want, traditional or a modern contemporary design, Carter Fabrications can provide you with what you need.


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Fire Escape

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Fire escapes are a new way to make a statement.