First Page Placement under Number One Keyword, Prepaid Visa Cards

CashCase™ are the industry leaders in regards to the innovative new clever form of paying for any products or services that you require whether you be in the UK or abroad on holiday or business. They offer the reloadable prepaid visa card that enables you to be able to gain access to your own funds, its safe, its secure and no matter where you are in the world you can access it.

The beauty of this device is that unlike a credit card or debit card, you do not have to pass any credit checks at all, you just upload the money and away you go. Another major benefit of the prepaid visa card is that, whatever you upload is your limit, so you don't have the worry of over spending and being stuck with a big bill once you return from your holidays, however if you do run out, you can easily upload it,through a friend, via text or via the internet. Its really that simple.

As demand is constantly increasing for Cash Card, they felt that it was time to continue their dramatic rise by establishing themselves and gaining an online presence on all the major search engines by promoting their products by using search engine optimisation techniques.

What we have achieved in three weeks......!!!!!!

CashCase™ are now working very closely with Online Marketing experts MonkeyFish Marketing. Within a three week period MonkeyFish have done a full website analysis on the Cash Case search engine and established what techniques needed to be implemented and what changes needed to be made to certain areas.

The relationship has got off to a flourishing start, as MonkeyFish marketing have already through their extensive techniques managed to achieve a first page placement amongst the natural listings for Cash Cards number one targeted key phrase, the most popularly searched for term within their industry. In addition to numerous other very competitive keywords that MonkeyFish Marketing are working on achieving first page placements for, we have managed to get the keyphrase of..'Prepaid Visa Cards' to position nine on page one.

That is a fantastic result all round considering we have been working on this for only three weeks and we are competing against 27,000,000 other listings to achieve this.

Fantastic effort from all the members of the online marketing team and also the team members at CashCase™ as they have all played their part in this fantastic achievement.

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