Friends Reunited Relaunch

Can the Friends Reunited relaunch compete with social media giants like Facebook?

Social networking site Friends Reunited relaunched its site on Tuesday, hoping to capitalise on the huge demand for social media and compete with social media rivals such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The site focuses on 'sharing memories' and encourages users to post about absolutely everything they know and remember, from the toys they played with as a child to major world events.

Originally launched in 2000, the site hit its peak of 15 million members in 2005, it then fell into a spiral of decline. In 2009 it was bought by Brightsolid, and in 2011 its estimated value had tumbled to just 5 million dollars. The relaunch places emphasis on memories and nostalgia, claiming to be the place to 'remember when' and encourages users to share with their community as well as their immediate friends. The new look site capitalises on several of the on-trend features currently recognisable from some of the worlds most popular social networking sites. With Pinterest style 'pin boards' and an inevitable comparison to the Facebook timeline, it may well combine the best of both worlds. But will the Friends Reunited relaunch have done enough to know either off the top spot? With social media constantly evolving it is crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. A huge opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience, social media is a valuable sales tool and provides customers with a casual place to interact. If the Friends Reunited relaunch spreads like wild-fire, it could well be the next place for businesses to network. To find out more about how MonkeyFish Marketing uses social media sites to drive traffic to client websites, please contact us using the buttons below. As the internet marketing experts, we know how to make staying social work for you!

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