Gaining & Maintaining Organic Rankings

We all know that search engines have algorithms in place to prevent spammy activities from working. All businesses want to rank on the first page of Google thanks to the higher click-through rates and conversion opportunities these premium positions present. But when you get there, how do you go about maintaining your top-ranking position against competitors without being spammy and undoing all your hard work? The MonkeyFish Marketing experts have sat down and come up with some top tips to help keep you in search engine bots’ good books!

Top Tips for SEO Good Practice

Quality not quantity in all things. This not only refers to content but link-building too. Focus on good link-building practises by linking with relevant high quality websites. Never buy links or participate in link building networks. Calm the keywords. There’s no need to excessively stuff your content with keywords. In fact if you do, you’re likely to do more harm than good. It’s good practice in general, but especially when you’ve reached a good position, to use keywords and their variants naturally in content. Keep it fresh. Regularly update your website content, ideally through a blog. Produce high quality content that engages with your audience and provides useful information, answers a question or discussed the benefits of a particular product, for example. Go for speed. A fast-loading website is not only a positive ranking factor but is essential for user experience, especially on mobile. Check your image sizes and videos to ensure they’re not inhibiting your site load speed and make sure your site is mobile friendly!

Talk to the Online Marketing Experts

At MonkeyFish Marketing we know that getting high rankings is only part of the online marketing battle. Our expert online marketing team have the knowledge to ensure your website maintains high rankings but also delivers a high conversion rate. To find out more about our online marketing services and how they can benefit you, book a free website health check or call us for a no obligation chat on 01282 504730.

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