Google AdWords Upgrade

Google roll out AdWords upgrade

Google is set to roll out a Google AdWords upgrade which will aim to help marketers target multiple devices and give them the flexibility to adjust bids according to device types, location and time of day. The changes will make an immediate impact in key areas of Google CPC, and structurally advanced campaigns will need a drastic restructure. downloadLoosing mobile-specific campaigns and the option to separate tablet and desktop ads will in some ways hinder advanced search marketing, however the ability to design ads based around the location and time of day will allow marketers to create more targeted campaigns. It is commonly known that consumers research products and services through multiple devices before taking action. Whether it’s their mobile phones during the day, their tablets on the train home or their laptops in the evening, the time spent online correlates directly with the cost of the end action. The greater the amount of time spent researching, the higher the end purchase price – a fact that marketers cannot ignore. Targeting ads dependent on location or time of day could make a huge difference as there is a clear contrast in the way we use search engines depending on our whereabouts. For example, typing ‘Chinese food’ into Google while on a home computer indicates the user may be looking for a takeaway. The same search using a mobile device on the go indicates that they are looking for a restaurant. Ads could be tailored accordingly, giving marketers a more direct way of targeting customers based on where they are and what they’re doing rather than static statistics. Adam Cutler from iProspect said the changes will “save a huge amount of time and give us a clearer picture of cross device reporting, meaning we can think about attribution in a way not previously possible, and this level of attribution is the Holy Grail for marketers.” Keep up to date with all the latest online marketing news by adding our blog to your RSS feed. To find out more about our clever internet marketing services, feel free to browse our website or contact a member of our team today.

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