Google + ! Can it overtake Facebook as the number 1 Social Networking Site...???

Google Makes It Quite Obvious Where You Can Find Google+ But will the blue arrow help?

Is it time for the new social networking phenomenon to give Facebook the challenge that it's so openly been craving for...?? With Facebook taking the world of social media and social networking to a whole new level, Google have now finally taken the shackles off Google+ and made the social networking site available for all to use. Will this be a viable option opposed to Facebook or will it be just another flash in the pan..?? It begs the question. As this development is only at the early stages, maybe this question is a little premature, but with Google now making it available for all to use, maybe its them saying that they are ready for the challenge. After all Google are promoting Google+ on the worlds largest online network, which of course is Google itself, the worlds largest, most relevant and easily the worlds most successful search engine.

The Start of the Phenomenon......Google+ Made Visible....

If you now visit Google; as intentionally intended, without being over obvious, you can clearly see the blue arrow that has been drawn on the homepage in the top left hand corner, which points to where you can sign up to Google+. The initial signs are looking extremely for positive for Google+ as they have already reached an impressive 25 million users, purely through invite alone, however on a negative note, people are in general are extremely sceptical about whether or not Google will actually appeal to people on a large scale, due to reports that numbers have already started slumping in August and September. Is the new fad beginning to crumble already, or is it just a premature glitch...??? It has been argued that the new promotion of Google+ through the Google search engine is a very intelligent approach to prompting a new mass of users and an injection of new life, however how long will this last, do they just not have the facilities and the applications to keep people excited and interested..?? After all every time Facebook introduce something new to their social network it seems to get nothing but negative publicity and bad feedback, however do people leave the site..?? The answer is no, it seems to keep things alive, they seem to have that grip on people due to the close connection that people have on there, which is one thing that not many people seem to be stating about Google+.

Google+ Durability..!

There is rumour in the camp that Google+ seems to alienate people in a sense and that there is a vacancy of real life friends and instead there is a felling that it's over populated with self-promoters and early adopters. Is this right..?? Well the only way we will discover for ourselves is by joining I guess. Will this ever so slightly, not-so-subtle promotional move assist in making Google+ the social-network second coming that so many prophesied it to be? Only time will tell.
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