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Google Easter Eggs

Happy Easter weekend! As tradition dictates, there’ll be Easter egg hunts taking place across the world but here at MonkeyFish Marketing we’ve decided to hunt out some of the Easter eggs that Google have hidden in their products and search. Do a barrel roll This one is pretty well known but it’s still entertaining to search ‘do a barrel roll’ and see the screen rotate! Tilt or askew Enter these into the search box to see an off-kilter view of the search results. This gives you access to tons of great Google features including Google Gravity, the ability to use Google terminal-style and my personal favourite Google Guitar, where you can strum your own tunes on digital guitar screens using your mouse or keyboard. You can even make a recording! Nag a ram Search for anagram and Google will suggest the above search instead, an anagram of anagram. Google in 1998 Go retro by searching ‘Google in 1998’ to be greeted with what Google looked like in 1998, complete with time-honoured search results courtesy of the Wayback Machine. I’m feeling lucky Not so much an Easter egg but clicking the I’m Feeling Lucky button with no search query will take you to the complete list of Google Doodles. Use the force Luke Type this into YouTube and the resulting videos will be affected by the Force so to speak, moving randomly around the screen and changing size. Also try ‘beam me up Scotty’ to get the video results beamed down/up depending on your perspective!


Google Games


Pacman Everyone loves Pacman and the good folk at Google are no exception! Search for Google Pacman to play Google’s own version of the classic arcade game. Zerg rush! This is great fun and pretty addictive too. Search for zerg rush and your search results will be attacked by little red and yellow Os in a nod to the zerglings from the strategy game StarCraft. Use your mouse to destroy as many Os as possible and keep track with the score box on the right. Unless you’re lightning fast with a cursor your search results will get eaten and the Os will spell out GG for good game. Atari breakout This one is well known for a reason! Search for Atari breakout in images to play the game. The blocks are made from relevant images and you can share your score when it’s game over!   There are tons more Easter eggs to find on Google and within their products; this is just the tip of the iceberg. Happy hunting!

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Google Easter Eggs