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Interesting Google compiled by our internet marketing team

As a clever internet marketing company, we spend every single day using and analysing Google. A fantastic tool for businesses and marketeers alike - we're proud to share with you some Google facts that you might not have known... BackRub Did you know that Google was originally called BackRub? Fortunately renamed in 1997, the original name would certainly have made our jobs titles much more interesting. BackRub expert anyone? Googol The Google we've all come to know and love, was actually a misspelling of the word 'googol'. Googal refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes. Chosen to match the goals of the company (to organise massive amounts of information), it is a word that co-founder and CEO Larry Page was apparently obsessed with - even in high school! Minimal While you may think the minimal homepage is a stroke of marketing genius, the simplicity of the design was actually due to the fact that its founders had limited knowledge of HTML. The original home page didn't even have a 'submit' button at first! Luckily for them, the simple design paid off and remains a contributing factor to their popularity over other search engines such as MSN and Yahoo! Doodles The very first Google Doodle was of a man with his arms sticking up! Used during the weekend founders Larry and Sergey took the weekend off to attend the Burning Man festival, it was added to the home page to let users know why they weren't around to fix technical issues that weekend! Unlucky Ever used the 'I'm feeling lucky' button when doing some serious search engine surfing? Neither have we! Apparently Google users hardly ever use the button, but trials in which it was removed made people feel uncomfortable. While they may not be feeling lucky - it turns out they do like the familiarity of the button. Maybe we'll show it some appreciation and give it a go! Want to find out more about working with internet marketing experts MonkeyFish Marketing? Use the buttons below and put our Google knowledge to the test!

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