Google Gets Harsh on Dishonest Internet Marketing Ads

Google Gets Harsh on Dishonest Internet Marketing Ads

[caption id="attachment_11618" align="alignright" width="307"]ban bad internet marketing Bad online ads...that's a paddlin'[/caption] How many times have you seen an ad online for stupidly cheap designer goods or miracle medicines that claim to work instantly? The chances are you’ve seen quite a few but that’s set to change; Google is cracking down on bad advertisers and the fake goods they’re trying to sell. In 2013 Google removed 350 million bad advertisements and banned over 270,000 bad advertisers, compared to 220 million bad ads in 2012. To get a better idea of how huge an amount that actually is, it’d take you over ten years to look at each ad for just one second. Ten years!

Fake Ads Have Increased Significantly

The increase is thought to be due to more people using the internet for marketing and an improved detection system. As a result, there’s been a significant drop in the number of bad advertisers as they’re being prevented from the system in the first place – great news for us genuine internet marketing folk. So what are the top products and services that bad advertisers are trying to push onto us? • Illegal medicine – over 2 million ads for illegal online pharmacies were removedCounterfeit goods – 14,000 advertisers were banned for trying to sell fake products on AdWords, a decrease of a whopping 82% compared to 2012Malware-ridden websites – over 400,000 ads directing users to these sites were bannedTech support scams – over 4,000 AdWords accounts and 1,800 sites were banned for being linked to third party tech support scamsGet Rich Quick schemes – more than 10,000 ads for sites promoting get rich quick schemes were banned The search engine giant also stopped tens of thousands of websites and disabled over 5,000 AdSense accounts for breaching their copyright policy, a full 25% more than 2012.

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